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At Pro-House, we run your building to the very highest of standards – yours. Our property management principals and staff cater to the real needs of all residents, however demanding. We understand all of the intangibles of comfort and security that are as important as the day to day routines of running a building efficiently and economically. Pro-House is well equipped to provide management services to any Condominium Corporation, able to adapt to the diversities of communities and the structural organization.

Financial management of your assets at Pro-House is based on integrity, security and confidentiality. Our well-researched and detailed budgets provide the basis for accurate, timely and readable financial reporting. Our investment expertise will yield the highest possible return on corporation’s funds.

At Pro-House, communication is more than the enforcement of rules and regulations – we listen with understanding to your concerns – and act upon them. We keep you up-to-date on legislative and technological changes that affect your corporation’s operations.

Property Management

Energy Efficiency and Procurement

At Pro-House, we believe that making a meaningful contribution to the community in which we operate is fundamental to the way we do business.


We are committed to realizing better energy efficiency and reduction in waste, water usage and carbon emissions through cost effective improvement and operations, as well as health and safety of all residents, employees and the community.

Green initiatives within our portfolio include:

  • energy reduction strategies – we are using energy audits to identify the equipment and processes that use energy in a wasteful manner;
  • water conservation
  • recycling program implementation; we develop effective source separation programs consistent with local recycling capabilities
  • environmental friendly cleaning materials
  • other sustainable operational best practices.

We research, advise and manage energy (gas and electricity supply) bulk purchase programs.

Making environmentally responsible decisions is an important part of how we manage real estate.

energy efficiency

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